Stanchart’s One-Day Guarantee Put to the Test


Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has been marketing a “get-your-credit-card-in-one-business-day” guarantee. Does SCB live up to its guarantee?

The service guarantee is simple enough: if a customer does not receive a credit card within a day of an online application, he receives $50 from SCB.

The Terms

The Test

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The Surprise

Curious to check that the $20 welcome bonus has been credited into my card, I tried to register online for SCB's Internet Banking service. However the registration was declined, with an error message that said I had not updated my mobile number with SCB. This was strange as SCB had been able to send me a text message upon the approval of my credit card application.

After calling up SCB’s helpline and speaking to a CSO, I managed to update my mobile phone number, after which I was then able to register for Internet Banking. However, I experienced a dropped call before I could obtain a telephone banking PIN.

Interestingly, when I logged into SCB's Internet Banking, other than my mobile number, none of my particulars (such as address, which were submitted during the credit card application) had been recorded in my personal profile.


Although the credit card was received within the stated time and the service guarantee was thus met, SCB’s service fell short. In the haste to process the applications and meet the one-day guarantee, customers’ particulars were apparently not fully updated into SCB's system.

While SCB has managed to catch the attention of customers who are tempted to put its service guarantee to the challenge, its latest marketing gimmick inadvertently accentuated its weakness in customer service. As for the SCB credit card that I got within a business day, I probably won’t be using it very often.

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